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Environmental Groups Sign Strategic Protocol with Haida Nation

March 6, 2002

(Vancouver, BC) – March 6 marks an historic moment with the launch of the Haida title case and with the signing of a protocol with four key environmental groups – ForestEthics, Greenpeace, Sierra Club of BC, and Rainforest Action Network – to work in a strategic alliance to respect the earth, waters and culture of Haida Gwaii.

“This is a great occasion to build partnerships between environmental groups and the Haida Nation.\0xA0 We share the Haida’s respect for the earth and waters of Haida Gwaii,” said Vicky Husband, Conservation Chair, Sierra Club of BC.

“The International community and marketplace continue to place British Columbia under heavy scrutiny for our environmental practices and respect for First Nations rights,” said Merran Smith, Director, BC Coastal Program, ForestEthics.\0xA0 “We are proud to support the Haida Nation through this protocol signing and to stand by them while they launch this landmark case for the Haida and the rights of all First Nations.”

“We look forward to working with the Haida Nation to support a truly sustainable local economy that will benefit the Haida and the ecosystems of Haida Gwaii,” said Catherine Stewart, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Canada.

The protocol signing took place at the Squamish Recreation Centre, March 6 following the launching of the Haida’s title case.