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The Agreements

On March 31, 2009 environmental groups along with the BC Government, industry and First Nations announced the implementation of key milestones set in February of 2006. A system of Ecosystem-Based Management, together with Protectred Areas, now accounts for the protection of 50% of the natural level of old growth forest in the region. The 2009 agreement also includes a five-year plan to fully achieve EBM's concurrent goals of low ecological risk and high quality of life in communities by 2014.

Milestones achieved: 2006 – 2009Next steps: 2009 – 2014

Protected areas legislated
2.1 million hectares protected from logging in conservancies, parks and biodiversity areas, covering one third of the Central and North Coast.

Reserve Network
By the end of 2009 or early 2010 an initial reserve network will be developed outside of protected areas, followed by a more detailed reserve network by March 2014.

Lighter touch logging implemented
New logging regulations require the maintenance
of 50% of the natural level of old growth of all forest ecosystems across the region.

Logging regulations amended
By March 2014 logging regulations will be reviewed and amended to achieve the goal of low ecological risk for the forest and key species.

Funding the conservation economy
A $120 million funding package for conservation management and ecologically sustainable business ventures in First Nation territories.

Building the conservation economy
Transition underway from an economy based on resource-extraction to a diversified conservation economy with a high quality of life in coastal communities.

New governance and decision-making
First Nations and the BC government have developed a new government-to-government relationship, and mechanisms for collaborative stakeholder involvement.

Ongoing collaborative planning
Provincial and First Nation governments, environmen¬tal organizations and logging companies will engage in collaborative planning guided by a five year work-plan.

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